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Wedding in Florence, Chianti and Tuscany (Italy)

For all those couples out there who are looking to the tie the knot, Florence and Tuscany are the most romantic and charming locations for your wedding abroad.

Several of you have already read about the usual places to marry, like the town hall of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence and the legal procedures involved. However there is now the special possibility to have a legal wedding in a private location organized for you in Florence or in the Tuscan countryside. Your legal wedding can take place in a private medieval castle, centuries-old villa, historic palace, or beautiful garden. You can choose from several other fantastic settings with the most incredible views of Florence and the picturesque Tuscan rolling hills as your backdrop.

The legal procedures are the same as those for a town hall wedding. This unique possibility offers a truly private ceremony venue option, plus it gives you the chance to set the ceremony where and when you would like it to take place. In addition, you can personalize the verbiage and have the music and the length you prefer.

This means you do not have to have a legal wedding at home or at the town hall in Italy prior to the one legal ceremony you have at the private venue. The one ceremony you have at the private location in Italy would be recognized legally at home. The ceremony is celebrated by an English speaking minister and the ceremony can be religious or non-denominational. So no translator is required and having the ceremony in your original language makes it so much more personal and intimate.

Just within the last year, some noble and important Florentine families have begun opening their homes to foreign couples looking for private ceremonies in Florence.These take place in their beautiful palaces and above all in their lovely gardens looking out on spectacular views of the city and surrounding countryside.

If you are Catholic, you can have a true Catholic wedding in a beautiful Catholic church here celebrated by an English speaking Catholic priest or an Italian priest with an interpreter. One of the main advantages to this type of wedding is that aside from it being Catholic, it's also legal so you do not need to have a civil wedding first at home or in Italy. You need to complete all of the requirements by the Catholic church which are the same worldwide, plus the usual legal documentation.

Jewish couples are getting married in the beautiful, historic synagogues of Tuscany, including that of Siena and in the synagogue in Florence. On occasion, the rabbi in Florence is open to celebrating Orthodox weddings in a private castle or villa under a beautiful Tuscan chuppah overlooking the rolling hills, vineyards and olive trees. Couples must obtain permission from their Orthodox rabbi at home who sends authorization to the rabbi in Italy. If you are from a Reform background, it is possible to have a Reform rabbi celebrate your wedding here which is becoming a quite popular option so that couples can have the ceremony in any private location they would like without having to obtain any paperwork from home first.

Couples today are also discovering the little Tuscan town halls for their wedding, such as Lucca, Siena, and Certaldo. Today you can also have a unique wedding on a hot air balloon ride above the spectacular Tuscan rolling hills, vineyards and olive trees while exchanging your vows. You can have a symbolic ceremony, religious blessing or even a legal wedding while on a hot air balloon. Following the ceremony, a local wine tasting can be arranged or a full meal with true Tuscan cuisine.

Despite being famous throughout the world for its torturous bureaucracy, Italy is actually one of the easier European countries for foreigners to get married in. For town hall weddings and simple symbolic ceremonies, there are many agencies today that can assist you. We advise you to search for those that are licensed and recognized by the Italian state so that you do not hit any unexpected surprises.


Efffetti Wedding in Tuscany    

Picture a city steeped in history, a city that has been around since medieval times. Close your eyes and imagine walking down the isle of the "Sala Rossa" with its red walls and golden furnishings. You are on your way to commit to the person you love in a religious, civil or symbolic wedding. You are creating a memory you will cherish for your entire life. That is exactly what you find when you decide to plan a wedding in Florence where old world charm meets the dreams of everyday couples.

Efffetti Wedding Planners in Tuscany can help this dream come true. This experienced team of bilingual wedding coordinators can help with the organization of the whole wedding, travel, accommodations, decor and legal licensing. All it takes for your dream to come true is contacting them on their website. There you can view all the options available to choose from and read testimonials. You can choose from having the entire wedding planned or mix and match the services you need help with.

Efffetti also owns a dedicated website for luxury weddings in Italy and partners with the team of Italian Wedding Celebrants who will provide celebrants and information on symbolic celebrations.

Other areas that are available for planning weddings with Efffetti Wedding Planners in Tuscany are weddings in Venice, Lake Como, the Alps, Piedmont, Capri, Rome, Sicily and Apulia.

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