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The Chianti hills near Montespertoli (Italy)Visit a jewel in Chianti: Montespertoli

The lands of the Borough of Montespertoli have always played a crucial role, since the ancient Etruscan age, thanks to their road network that helped Florence trade with Volterra and Siena along the Via Volterrana, which crossed the borough of Montespertoli from north to south and joined the Via Francigena near Certaldo.
The most representative buildings of the area were built during the medieval age, such as churches, castles, and little villages located on top of hills and connected to each other by a wide network of roads.
Starting off in Montespertoli, visitors can follow several different trails that run along ancient routes and lead to major settlements, as well as to the most remarkable local monuments, churches, and museums, where striking works of art are preserved.
The Montespertoli area has always been directly involved in the history of Florence.
In ancient times, the Etruscans inhabited these lands, but Latin place names (Coeli Aula, Montagnana, Poppiano etc…) are mostly reminiscent of the numerous Roman settlements that flourished here. The presence of the Romans is confirmed by the abundance of archaeological findings, among which memorial stones in Santa Maria a Torre, in Ortimino, and in San Piero in Mercato. The Lombard invasions were the first step towards the creation of present-day Tuscany, the 'Tuscia Longobardorum' opposed to the 'Tuscia Romanorum'.
During this period, in fact, local populations developed a road system that suited the features of the local lands, which have a geographical conformation that includes valleys interconnected by means of important roads. The scarcity of medieval archaeological relics does not provide specific references for all the villages, but at that time Lucardo must certainly have been one of the main settlements in the area, as well as the most significant village around Montespertoli owned by the Nonantola abbey.
A castle in Montespertoli (Italy)The Montespertoli area holds an abundance of works of art and beautiful architectural structures. Without a doubt, one of the most important is the Museum of Sacred Art in Montespertoli, created thanks to an agreement between the Town Council and the Vicariate of Montespertoli, with the collaboration of the Archiepiscopal Curia of Florence, the Tuscan Regional Government, the Province of Florence, the Regional Board of the Ministry of Environmental Conservation / Architectural Heritage and Artistic / Historical Heritage, and the Bank 'Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze'. The Museum is located in the beautiful and large parsonage of the Church of San Piero in Mercato, enriched with precious paintings, silverwares, and wall hangings, which testify the historical relevance and thriving artistic activities of the Montespertoli area.
The Church of San Piero in Mercato and the village of Lucardo are the oldest settlements of the Montespertoli area and were established in the early Middle Ages.
The Church has clear Romanesque features and during the 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries it was the leader of the League by the same name, originated from the union of the 'Pivieri' San Piero in Mercato, San Pancrazio, and Coeli-Aula, as well as seat of the Podestà (town magistrate).
At the end of the 15th century, the important market that took place here was removed to Montespertoli together with the seat of the Podestà.
At the core of a strong and passionate farming tradition, Montespertoli has always seen to the preservation of its unique culture and it has always tried to endorse the life-long passion of its citizens.
Several events occurring throughout the year are rooted in typical farming traditions and celebrate the products of the land, the fruit of the people's passionate labor, unique in its simplicity.
Food fairs are organized during the month of November and the local population gets ready for the winter by sampling vino novello (new wine) and chestnuts, they taste the local bread and enjoy the flavor of the new oil, or simply get together and celebrate drinking vinsanto.
The long series of local events does not finish with the coming of winter but it continues in spring and becomes even more hectic during the summer. Without a doubt, the main event is the Chianti Fair that takes place in the months of May and June and makes for great partying, wine tasting, and fun.

Airport of Florence "Vespucci": 45 minutes by car.
Airport of Pisa "G. Galilei": 55 minutes by car.
Airport of Rome "Fiumicino" 3 hours by car.
Airport of Bolgna "G. Marconi" 1 hour and 30 minutes by car.
Airport of Milano "Malpensa" 3 hours and 30 minutes by car.

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