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Italian Limousine Service is a leading Italian company that provides safe and reliable limousine services throughout Italy.

Italian Limousine Service is based in Florence and makes transfers to and from Tuscany throughout the national territory.

Italian Limousine Service is an ideal partner for particularly demanding international clients, such as leading companies, prestigious hotels, businessman and women, international tour operators, political and entertainment personalities, congress organizations and academic and government institutions.

Italian Limousine Service guarantees all its clients an accurate, reliable and personalized service, with highly qualified and friendly personnel.

Italian Limousine Service is at   www.itlimoservice.com


Limoinflorence is a group of companies and freelance professionals that have come together under one name in order to provide a range of tourist services, with specific attention to all the activities connected to moving people around, i.e. car and minivan rental services with driver. Be it a simple transfer service to and from main airports or a "classic" tour of Tuscany or a tailor-made itinerary arranged together with the Customer, Limoinflorence caters for all those who want to move around and get to know our land with the help of a service without compromises. Multilingual drivers, who are also skilled guides with a thorough knowledge of their surroundings, a vehicle fleet ranging from luxury saloons to long-distance touring coaches on top of an experience spanning more than twenty years are the captivating features of Limoinflorence.

Limoinflorence – Rental Car With Driver is at   www.limoinflorence.it

Alltuscany is a dynamic and professional company that provides various tourist services throughout Italy.
Our vast experience in this industry combined with highly qualified and dependable staff makes us the perfect choice when planning a trip to Italy.
Our company is based in Florence and we offer several tours and sightseeing destinations throughout the beautiful region of Tuscany, as well as transfers all over Italy.

All Tuscany is at   www.alltuscany.com



The best thing about Florence is not just its outstanding beauty and the magnificence of its heritage buildings, or the stupendous collection of Renaissance art that it houses in its many galleries, or its wonderfully vibrant squares. Yes, these are unique and beautiful aspects of Florence, but Florence is also a very important part of every visitor’s itinerary because it offers numerous opportunities to explore the splendid Tuscan countryside. In short, Florence is the perfect base from which to launch your tour of Tuscany, and we can offer you all the considerable transportation facilities at our disposal to make your Tuscan trip a memorable one.

In a nutshell, Florence offers you the scope to go on lovely day trips to marvellous locations like Pisa, Arezzo, Lucca, San Gimignano, Lucignano, Fiesole, and Siena. Each of these places has its unique charm and we would describe all of them as ‘must visits’, which is sadly not viable on a single trip. But in our experience, everyone who has been to Florence once wants at least a second helping, and so will you!

Then, of course, there are the wine-tasting tours, part of the increasingly popular concept of agro-tourism (‘agriturismo’ if you are in Italy), which enables a visitor to visit a vineyard or a winery, to see first hand for himself how wine is extracted and processed. And given the internationally celebrated status of Tuscany’s wines, a wine-tasting tour out of Florence to the famed regions of Chianti, Montalcino, Montepulciano, Costa degli Etruschi and Maremma seems to us like a delicious idea. And contrary to popular belief, you need not be a sommelier to go on a wine-tasting tour of Tuscany. We welcome anyone who is interested, and guarantee that we will improve your knowledge of Italian wine beyond recognition.

Therefore, we are here to facilitate it all. The Florence tour operators who we work with offer you every imaginable comfort when you avail their transportation services. A majority of our services cater exclusively to international clients, and you can be sure of the company of highly qualified and efficient drivers and guides, who will make your day trip from Florence an unforgettable experience.

So the next time you are in Florence, please be sure to look us up and allow us the opportunity to show you the treasures that lie within only a few miles of this fantastic city. After all, Florence means so much than just its magnificent city centre.

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