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Are you planning a holiday in Florence and Tuscany? If you want to experience the artistic, architectural and natural treasures they offer, you can't miss to join the best Florence and Tuscany tours and excursions.

Since in 1954 Caf Tour & Travel has been a reference point in Florence and Tuscany for travellers from all over the world, offering a wide range of amazing tours and cultural excursions of the highest quality level.

The long experience in organizing guided Florence tours and daily excursions throughout Tuscany, together with the professional multilingual staff, make Caf Tour & Travel the ideal partner to experience the most important artistic centres of this beautiful Italian region.

Choosing one of the Florence guided city tours by bus or Florence guided walking tours you'll be able to visit the world-famous museums of the Uffizi and Accademia Galleries, discovering the main historical and artistic treasures of the city.

You can also take part in one of the daily excursions to the most important Tuscan centres: Siena, San Gimignano, the Chianti area and Pisa. Travelling by a comfortable coach you'll be escorted by an experienced and professional guide through centuries of art, history and breathtaking landscapes, which have made this lovely land so famous.

If you wish a custom tour or excursion, Caf Tour & Travel can tailor an itinerary to your personal desires. So, whether you are interested in a Chianti tour, a Florence walking tour or an excursion to Siena, you can entrust yourself to Caf Tour & Travel's care.

If you want to know who was murdered in the Cathedral of Florence back in 1478, why Savonarola was hung in Signoria Square, what Michelangelos' David holds in his right hand, why blondes were so fashionable in the Renaissance and what were the most popular hairdos throughout the centuries, whose portrait is in Botticelli's Birth of Venus, join us !!
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Still today Leonardo da Vinci exercises enormous charm and so it has been for the Niccolai firm that since 1995, in co-operation witn the cultural association called " HOMO MILLENNIUM ", started to study the mechanics of his projects executing a series of miniature models using material of that time such as wood, cotton, brass, iron and cord and equipping every single piece with the reproduction of the code page from which it has been taken. The machine manufacture is total craftsmanship, with particular care for the final touch.
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For the greater artists of the age who passed for Florence to make stage to the cafè was nearly an obligation. The reopening of the historical cafetteria in its original center inside the gallery, bring to new life one artistic culture Tuscany and the possibility to carry out cultural events of artists and historical personages. The public will be able to find again the atmosphere of the ancient cafè and one small exhibit of famous artists who attended it.
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With hundreds of years of history and tradition behind it, Florence (or Firenze) is high on the list of the world’s best-known and most visited tourist destinations. And not without reason, because even a casual visitor to the city will realize how overwhelming the cultural atmosphere of the city is. In fact, you are likely to realize that even though it is a modern city in many ways, Florence is essentially still the medieval metropolis that enriched the cultural and political life of Europe in so many ways. Therefore, the first thing to do when you land in Florence is enjoy it, and we promise to show you how.

Simply walking around Florence is a marvelous experience. Without any particular locations in mind, spend an entire day simply strolling around soaking in the atmosphere, the magnificent churches, majestic palaces, and charming squares. And need we really mention its internationally celebrated museums, art galleries, and historical residences? As you can see, therefore, Florence offers plenty of scope for enjoyment.

We would love to be your tour guides on this magical discovery of Florence, and our site has plenty of information on how best to enjoy Florence. For instance, we can tell you that the best time to visit Florence is April-June and September-October, when the weather is excellent, the hotels offer good rates, and there are fewer tourists. In fact, early winter (December, ideally) can also be very pleasant, with far fewer tourists once again.

If you are sightseeing around Florence, we recommend a list of venues that You Must See even if you see nothing else of Florence. On our list is the Baptistery, the Basilica di Santa Croce, Basilica di Santa Maria del Carmine, Cappelle Medicee, Duomo, Galleria degli Uffizi, Loggia della Signoria, Opificio delle Pietre Dure, Palazzo Pitti, and the Palazzo Vecchio.

Well, we tried to keep the list short, but Florence has so much to enjoy that your holiday will seem over in no time. Besides, there’s the shopping, particularly if you are looking for the best in clothes, shoes, leather, ceramics, and wine. Then there’s the walking and cycling, which are immensely popular activities in and around Florence. And if you happen to be there on Easter Saturday, you can witness the Explosion of the Cart, when a cart full of fireworks is blown up in front of the Duomo. We promise you it is an unforgettable experience. Also in June are held the Feast of St John the Baptist, and the vigorous Gioco del Calcio Storico, when teams play football matches in period costumes.

All in all, therefore, enjoyment and Florence are synonymous. For more on the subject, why not pay us a visit at www.yourwaytoflorence.com?

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