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You have now reached the official website of the Clefs d’Or' (Golden Keys Concierges) which is a professional association, serving clients of the best hotels in the world and established in 40 Countries. On our website www.florenceconcierge.it you can book on line the visit of the major museums of the main Cities in Italy avoiding the lines and other services.

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Visit the Museums of Florence without queuing up!
With 5 simple steps you can buy tickets and visit the Museums of Florence without standing in line. Do not waste time during your holidays by standing in line. Buy tickets online through our safe and easy system and you will have immediate access to the masterpieces of Florence. You can buy tickets for most Florentine museums at the same time. Do not waste your time, place your’s trust in us!.

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Cooking class:
Learning to cook is a recipe with several ingredients: talent, technique, adequate tools, creativity, but most of all passion.
Organising cooking classes, even short ones, gives me the chance to share my experience with whoever wishes to learn the basics of traditional cooking or take up the challenge of more creative recipes. We will spend time together, taking part to the realization of dishes that we will savour at the end of the lesson, in a cheerful and friendly atmosphere.
Private Chef:
Cooking for others is what I enjoy the most, it’s my own way of cherishing life. Every time I start preparing something, I wash, chop, slice, knead dough, mince, or cook, I know that the final result will tell something about me and that the passion accompanying me during the preparation, is the ‘ingredient’ that will make my dish special.
Cooking in different homes is always a rewarding experience, each one has something beautiful to tell and when I do my usual first visit, I know that the feelings I get then, will inspire the menu or a special dish, respecting the needs of the people who live there and the home itself.
- Personal chef
- Cooking lessons
- Catering

Cooking Studio Run By Francesca Niccolini, Cooking Class, Personal Chef In Florence Tuscany. is at   www.francescaniccolini.com

Still today Leonardo da Vinci exercises enormous charm and so it has been for the Niccolai firm that since 1995, in co-operation witn the cultural association called " HOMO MILLENNIUM ", started to study the mechanics of his projects executing a series of miniature models using material of that time such as wood, cotton, brass, iron and cord and equipping every single piece with the reproduction of the code page from which it has been taken. The machine manufacture is total craftsmanship, with particular care for the final touch.

Le Macchine Di Leonardo Da Vinci is at   www.macchinedileonardo.com

Myflorenceguide: professionalism and experience.
Myflorenceguide, run by Larissa Zverchkhovskaia, a fully licensed tourist guide in Russian and Italian language that freely share her specialized knowledge, her passion and professional experience of the arts and history of Florence, Siena, all Tuscany and its people.

Myflorenceguide is at   www.myflorenceguide.com


Walks Inside Florence is an entertaining alternative to the usual Florence walking tours. Discover the fascinating art and history of Florence with a group of individual specialized guides: They are art historians and academics native Florentine with years of experience, and will help you to explore the city and know more information about its great artists.

Thanks to Walks Inside Florence you can get personalized and stress-free visits to the "must-sees" of Florence. Your expert guides will also take you off the beaten track, to show you some of the lesser-known corners and hidden gems of this magnificent city.

All the Florence tours of Walks Inside Florence are recommended by Rick Steves!

Walks Inside Florence is at   www.walksinsideflorence.it



Florence is such a treasure trove of wonders that a traveler could easily be lost amidst the splendor of the city's many churches, museums and palaces. Of course, repeat travelers may have it slightly easier than first-timers, but in order for you to enjoy Florence to the fullest, we would seriously recommend guided tours. And our site is the best place to come to for guided tours of Florence, because we specialize in conducted tours of Florence, Chianti, and Tuscany in general.

So come with us and enjoy the myriad delights that Florence has to offer. We welcome you to taste some authentic Tuscan food, sample the region’s celebrated wines, and participate in age-old folk traditions of Tuscany. We guarantee that you will be treated like royalty, because we have had plenty of experience in dealing with international tourists, and promise you a complete tour of the sights and sounds of Florence in particular and Tuscany in general.

Since we always believe in delivering the best, we customize our tours to suit your specific interests, and offer various day trips and Florence guided tour options to choose from. We want your experience to be exclusive and unique and have therefore carefully selected our locations. You will be escorted by highly knowledgeable and qualified bilingual local guides who will assist you throughout the day and help you understand the many aspects of Tuscan culture, allowing you to get a true view of the places you visit and the people you meet.

We also offer guided tours of Florence exclusively for gay and lesbian tourists traveling to Florence and Tuscany. We would have you know that not only are Florence and the surrounding areas rich in monuments and arts, but also extremely gay and lesbian friendly. Even so, however, you may have trouble finding good accommodation, restaurants, and hangouts, so our experienced teams are there to help you every step of the way.

Apart from that, we enable you to visit the museums of Florence without queuing up for tickets. Buy tickets online through our safe and easy system and you will have immediate access to the masterpieces of Florence. What’s more, you can buy tickets for most Florentine museums at the same time.

How about a walkabout in Florence? If you want to know who was murdered in the Cathedral of Florence in 1478, why Savonarola was hung in Signoria Square, or what Michelangelo’s David holds in his right hand, and more such fascinating nuggets of historical information, come to us. We will also tell you all about the machines of Leonardo da Vinci, with perfectly executed miniature models of his fascinating models.

Finally, for the accidental tourist, we show you Tuscany through the back door, as it were, and take you inside the private homes of the Chianti. So we have activities like wine tasting tours, or wine tasting on a picnic, cooking classes and Tuscan lunches, bike tours, walking tours, hiking on the hills of Chianti, special event parties, and hot air balloon rides. Interested? Come visit us at www.yourwaytoflorence.com.

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