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It was started in l984 under the direction of Alessandro Poggiali who together with Natale Forconi, is the owner. The gallery was initially oriented towards organising exhibitions of the great artists of the twentieth century. In 1987 the gallery decided to concentrate its research on new generations of artists. More recently, Enzo Cucchi and Luigi Ontani, artists of international repute, have been associated with the gallery. Marco Fantini and Livio Scarpella have also had exhibitions, as has the prominent Gilberto Zorio. This confirms the gallery's dual role of research on the one hand and enhancing its status as a point of reference for a whole spectrum of artists on the other. Every exhibition in the gallery is accompanied by specially edited publications.

Galleria Poggiali E Forconi is at   www.poggialieforconi.it




Pandolfini Casa d'Aste has been active on the national and international art and antiques market for over 70 years. Over this long period, the auction house has undergone profound changes and has accumulated vast and varied experience, consistently devoting the utmost attention to the customer, in the conviction that the greatest heritage of the house is precisely the trust placed in it by those who use its services. The historic premises of the Pandolfini Casa d'Aste is in Florence, within the prestigious Palazzo Ramirez Montalvo, the residence from 1558 of Antonio Montalvo, a descendant of the ancient noble family of Avila in Castile, who spent his entire career as tutor at the Medici court during the reign of Cosimo I and his consort Eleonora di Toledo.
Pandolfini is at www.pandolfini.com

The INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF GRAPHIC ART was established in 1983 with the cooperation of master printers and teachers who offered students a relationship based on exchange of knowledge and experience. Many of the school graduates over the past years have gone on to teaching careers in famous art institutes and academies both in Italy and abroad. Many have transferred the credits earned at Il Bisonte to their home universities. All of them, however, have gained in artistic and cultural maturity. Famous artists coming as visiting scholars are already a tradition at the school, and they work on their own creations right in front of their students. At the end of every academic year the school organises an exhibition of the best works by the students and prints its catalogue. The school still retains the atmosphere of the traditional Florentine artisan workshops.
Il Bisonte is at www.ilbisonte.it

The Bazzanti Art Gallery came into being in 1822 as the studio of sculptor Pietro Bazzanti . In 1960 the Marinelli family took over the ownership of the Gallery and added to its collection of marble statues a large selection of bronze sculptures cast by the Ferdinando Marinelli Artistic Foundry. The Gallery contains more than 5.000 different sculptures, many of which are classical pieces, both in marble and in bronze, done to scale but a large number of small classical bronzes is also available. We also have a large selection of 19th and 20th century original works of art, either in marble or in bronze, by famous Florentine and Italian artists, as well as a sizeable collection of sculptures in white Carrara marble. Furthermore there is a large selection of stone sculptures specifically designed for outdoors and a substantial collection of bronze and marble fountains. The Bazzanti Art Gallery also sells small items for interiors decoration ranging from marble obelisks and spheres to fireplaces and tables of all dimensions etc.
Galleria Bazzanti is at www.galleriabazzanti.it

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