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Duccio - Accommodation apartment in Florence

What can we tell you about Florence that you do not know already? We could talk about the cityís magnificent cultural heritage and architecture and works of art, but enough has been written and said about them already. So let us focus on a more practical issue: the beautiful accommodation that we can offer in our Florence rental apartments.

As we all know, a potentially perfect holiday can be ruined if you donít pick the right place to stay. And we will go out of our way to make sure you have a memorable vacation in Florence. Our rental apartments in Florence are particularly suitable for those travelers who wish to avoid the bustle of a big city but donít want to stay too far away from it. Thus, our Florence rental apartments are all located in the beautiful countryside that surrounds Florence, and are within easy reach of the city.

Corno - Apartment rental in Florence

You can pick from an extensive list of erstwhile castles, farmhouses, farming estates, barns, towers, and villas, all of them beautifully renovated and maintained. Most of the accommodation units in the apartments are equipped with the latest amenities and such value adds as swimming pools, which means that you can truly enjoy the best of both worlds — the quaint past and the practical present — when you book your rental apartment is Florence through us.

For details on the Florence rental apartments that we have on offer, all you have to do is visit us and go through our accommodation catalog of apartment rentals in Florence, Italyís most beautiful city and your gateway to Tuscany, Italyís most scenically gorgeous region. And what better way to enjoy it than by staying at some of the most exclusive rental apartments in Florence?