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Chianti & Tuscany driving tour


Driving tour of Tuscany

Ask anyone who has done it before and s/he will tell you that a driving tour of Tuscany can be quite an experience. Beautiful scenery complete with gently rolling hills, sparkling streams, lush green woods, neat vineyards, and dark olive groves make Tuscany a paradise that is a delight to drive through. And we at Papavero Tours take special delight in acting as your guide on your Tuscany driving tour.

Located virtually in the center of Italy, Tuscany is appealing to visitors for a variety of reasons. One, of course, is the scenery. However, Tuscan wine and olive oil have also earned international renown and merit special attention from even a casual tourist. And then there is Tuscan food, which is based on a simple principle: gather together some high-quality ingredients and then interfere with them as little as possible!

Chianti driving tour

As for the wine, everybody knows about Tuscany’s celebrated Chianti Classico. That is why we offer a Chianti driving tour as well. In fact, on a driving tour of Tuscany, you should focus on sampling as many wines as possible: whether it is the Chianti, the Brunello di Montalcino, the Sassicaia or the Morellino, depending on where you are.

But be warned: the blood alcohol level while driving in Tuscany is 0.5%, so you need to keep an eye on that. Also, you are liable to be fined quite a lot of Euro if you exceed the 40kmph speed limit. And did you know that you must be over 21 to hire a car for a Chianti or Tuscany driving tour? For other such helpful guidelines and suggestions, you are welcome to contact us at

We make constant efforts to ensure that you take the best driving tour of Tuscany that money can buy, and we welcome you to take a long ride with us whenever you choose!